Results Slide Issue

Jan 23, 2014


I've been looking through this fantastic forum, but I couldn't ind an answer to my problem. I figured I would make my first post asking for some help.

I have a training module that teaches 2 lines of products. The user has the option of learning about both lines, but they are only tested on the line they select first. I want to promote learning about both lines, but I only want to test on one. I have setup 2 quizzes, each with their own results slide. I set up another "hidden" results slide that takes into account both scores from the 2 quizzes and reports to the LMS.

Here's my problem...the LMS shows the course as "in progress" even though the learner has completed the course and the one quiz. Is this because one of the quizzes is never accessed? Is this because the results slide reporting to the LMS only has results from one quiz? Is there a better solution?

Any help is appreciated.



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