Results Slide Navigation Not Working

Hi all,

I have an issue where none of my navigation triggers (Next, Back, Review Quiz, Retry Quiz) will work on a results slide, has anyone else encountered this and does anyone know of a workaround/fix?

Funny thing is that the Retry quiz button successfully resets the score variables but won't jump to the designated slide.

Also, I have a custom menu on the master layer and none of the hyperlinks to other slides work either, yet they do on every other slide in the project.

I'm using the latest version of SL2.

Thanks in advance.

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L Pyska

Hi David, I know that this was three years ago, but do you recall the fix???

I am also having the same issue. Simply, my quiz results layer does not have an option for any of the navigation features. The workaround that I have found is adding a "marker". However, I don't think this is the way it is supposed to work.