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I have a Results Slide for a Multiple Response set up.  When I submit the interaction, I have a results slide set up.  Well on that results slide it gives a Review Quiz button.

I don't want the user to have to click a button, I just want to show the results on that screen.  So what I did is changed my trigger to instead of "Review results (results slide) When the user clicks" (the Review Quiz button), I changed it to, a Slide Trigger, "Review results (results slide) when the timeline starts".

This works, but then I am in forever loop and when I click Next from the Results slide, I see the next slide briefly, but then it returns to the Results Slide and I can't get out of the loop.

I can't figure this out, any help appreciated!  Thanks.

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Jeff Forrer

Hi Phil.  Thanks so much for your quick response.  I do want them to see their answers and what they got wrong or right.  So I deleted the button, and I see my feedback, the right answer and Incorrect on the screen, but when I click NEXT, it circles back to the results page and won't go forward.  I am not sure why?

Jeff Forrer

This is also not scoring correctly for some reason.  I guess I could build this by scratch, but I have about 30 of these throughout my course and I would rather use the built in functions.  Any help appreciated.  If I don't want to review on Timeline Start, when would I want to do the review, or does it have to be tied to the button?  If so, then I may have to build from scratch. Thanks.

Phil Mayor

Hi Jeff

Thanks that makes more sense.  I can also now see where the loop is, I also see why this way is much easier.

The loop as is is unbreakable because anything you did would stop the jump back initially.

You could try using a hidden slide that sets a variable to true then jumps e.g

Question slide jump to Results slide

Results slide jump to intermediary if Var = F or jump to Next slide if Var = T

Intermediary Set Var to T, Review Quiz

Not sure if that can work when not on a results slide, else it is building from scratch