Results slide not showing correct score percentage

Hello!  I'm frustrated as I can't get the Results slide to show Score properly.  I have never had a problem with the Results slide before.  I’m using Storyline 3, I have a question with a remedial question nested with a Results slide into a given scene; 5 scenes in total.  Then I have a culminating scene containing a Results slide choosing to capture Selected Results Slides from the 5 scenes Results.  Seams easy enough, but I can't score more than 50% even when I answer all questions correctly.  I've deleted the culminating Results slide and rebuilt it without success.  Any idea why this is happening?



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Crystal Horn
Jan Lankowski

I have a question with a remedial question nested with a Results slide into a given scene

Hi Jan!  Can you clarify the setup for me?  It sounds like each scene has a set of questions tracked by its own results slide.  Do the question point totals add up for each scene result, and then again for the final result slide?  

I'm happy to look at your .story file if you can attach it, as well!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jan

I think I can see what's happening.

In your final results slide the number of possible points is 10 questions x 150 = 1500 x 80% pass mark = 1200 points.

But if I get the first question of each scene correct 5  x  150 = 750 I will only ever get 50% as I never see the remedial questions in each scene which make up the other 750 points.


Cognicata LLC

I have a question bank with 10 questions.  Each question is worth 10 points and contains correct/incorrect feedback as per client request.  When I get all the questions correct (as per feedback) my result slide only shows a maximum of 90%.    

I have recreated the result slide at least 4x and I have reimported the course into a new SL file.  I cannot figure out what is going on here.

Please note- the course was translated to Chinese.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cognicata,

Is it possible that there is another question that the learners aren't seeing/answering and that's why they're not able to score a 100%? Also, have you adding different scores to correct and incorrect choices, or they only receive 10 points for the correct score? 

It's often easier to diagnose these issue by looking at the .story file as than we can see triggers, slide properties and other settings. If you're able to share publicly, please include here as an attachment or you're welcome to send along to our Support Team. We'll delete the file from our computers when done troubleshooting. 

I’m having a similar problem. Answers are correct but the results slide only shows 83.3 % but review the questions they show incorrect on each question when I know they are correct. There are 6 questions each worth 17 and the last one 15. Anyone have an idea as to why it shows incorrect on each slide put shows I passed with 83.3??
Lauren Connelly

Hello Lawrence!

I understand the scoring is incorrect as well as when reviewing the questions answered correctly are displaying as incorrect! It sounds like we might need to tweak the setup. Are you able to share your .story file with us? You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.