Results Slide Not Showing Scores

Aug 23, 2012

My results slide from some quizes are giving my "Success" and "Fail" message, but showing strange text or no score at all where the student's score and passing score should be.  I already checked the results slide to make sure the questions to be tracked are checked and the correct passing score is showing. And by the way, I imported the results slide and use it as a template because it has other features I want to be consistent. Somehow the score is the only thing not showing correctly. Any tips on how to fix?

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Gil Design

We have similar issue. Attached on file. Can you help?...


Problems displaying the Results page from quizzes created using the attached Storyline (originally created in Storyline1, and now used in Storyline2).

The Results page for the individual quizzes is displaying in Preview mode with the scores from the quiz showing ok.


·         When using the published object (URL ending in ‘story.html’) the results page is not displaying for the individual quizzes when using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet explorer using a PC.

The results page is displaying ok on a mobile, suggesting that the results page is displaying  in the html5 version, with the file type ending in ‘story_html5.html’. 

·         A colleague suggested that: ‘the issue is around how Flash is handling the content in a browser window – I’ve tried a couple of browsers and the html5 version of the output operates correctly when published to the server.’


In addition:

·         The overall results page and the print results option (adding the results from the individual quizzes) is not displaying when using the published project URL for the html 5 version in Firefox or Chrome (latest version as specified by requirements page).

 ·         The overall results page and the print results option (adding the results from the individual quizzes) is displaying ok when using the published project URL for the html version (not html 5) in at least Firefox.


Could you please investigate and advise on how we can display all three options, i.e:

- individual quiz result page,
- overall quiz result page, and
- print option for results, in at least one browser.

 Many thanks!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Rodstephen -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! And I agree with Wendy; if you can please confirm which product you are using and maybe share your file, that would be helpful! And also, may I ask if you are finding the same behavior if you test your course in the environment (LMS, web) where it will ultimately be accessed by your learners, as well?

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Melanie!

Thanks for sharing your file for a closer look. It looks like you already got some excellent community advice from Mykal here!

I configured the properties in the result slide the same way (to only calculate results from the draw) and then published the course to SCORM Cloud, an LMS testing environment we use. Click here to see how your quiz scores look after that update!

We can continue the conversation here or there if you like! 🙂

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