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Aug 15, 2012

I imported a quiz from Quizmaker and the review quiz button takes me to the feedback layers, not the quiz questions and it is not showing the user the quiz questions with the correct answers marked as it should.

Is this a bug or is there a way to make it work properly?

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Avery William

Hello Gail George! I am stuck with the same thing. My Quiz Review is blocked by the Feedback Layers so that my students can't see any of their answers. I will have to take out the Quiz Review altogether if I can't fix this. I am finding a lot of weird things in Storyline and it is starting to bum me out. Anyone can help us out?

Gail George


Here's what I did to fix it:  I re-imported my quizzes from QuziMaker where that functionality was set.  When I re-imported, the reviwe function worked fine.  I had a good deal of re-work, because my animation exits did not hold on the import, so they all had to be redone, and I had a lot of graphics flying in and out.  But I now have the review functionality in the project.

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