Results Slide - SL1 to SL2 Upgrade


I married into a project to do some revisions after a developer bailed, and it's thiiiiis close to being complete, but for this one issue. 

The project was initially SL1 and the client wanted to convert to SL2 - great! The upgrade was done, all revisions were done, and the only outstanding issue is one related to the results slide.

There is a Conclusion scene that contains 3 slides of multiple choice/multiple response questions, and the result slide is set to Show Layer: Success If the Results.ScorePoints are greater than or equal to Results.PassPoints or Show Layer: Failure If the Results.ScorePoints are less than Results.PassPoints.

This works perfectly in the SL1 version, but in SL2, the audio for the appropriate layer plays but none of the slide objects appear. After scratching my head a bunch, trying a bunch of things like checking the layer properties, rebuilding out the slide from scratch, and examining the variables and conditions, I finally conceded to consulting the forum and saving just that scene in a new story. When I copied over the scene to a new .story file, it behaved perfectly (I'm not crazy!). However, all of the alignment was off due to a custom story size. I then tried to copy the now working scene into the working project story file, and then it no longer worked properly (poltergeist?). Frustrating.

This is a pretty large project, so I want to avoid copying all of the scenes over to a new story file as this will involve tediously resizing and aligning EVERYTHING when I'm about 30 minutes (in theory) out from delivering this project.


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Jackson Hamner

Could you create a blank .story file with the same custom sizing your current one has? That way you wouldn't have to realign everything if you did need to copy all the slides over. Its still kind of a lot of work to copy everything over, but if you could set it up that way maybe you could  cut down a lot of tedious aligning/resizing.

Is there a chance you could share the problem slides of your .story file?