Results slide tracking multiple quizzes in one lesson...

I have a course that has 4 quizzes in it. I can't break the content apart because all the information links all over the place. Anyway, I know storyline can track all four quizzes from one final results slide. I also created, using variables and triggers, a "progress" slide that displays the score of each quiz, which quiz has been passed, and which still needs to be taken or retaken. This works great - if I publish using tin can. The tracking isn't working right in my LMS... No matter which results slide I choose to track,  my LMS says my course is 100% complete after ANY one of my quizzes have been taken and passed. After much testing I finally realized the problem only happens when I publishing using the tin can API. The tracking works fine when I publish using scorm 1.2. However, my progress slide variables do NOT work on the ipad when publishing to scorm 1.2! I need both to work!

Has anyone else found this problem? Should I not be publishing using tin can? I have researched everything I could on tracking multiple quizzes but the problem seems to be tin can... ???


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christine walker

Okay, I am logged on in my ipad and can see a lot more options now!

Since my actual course is too large to upload here (312 slides), I created a small test story that has all the elements in it for this issue...

I am attaching three story files.

The first has no "master" result slide and works perfectly fine in Absorb (my LMS) on a computer but not on an ipad.

The second uses a "master" results slide and doesn't work in the computer or mobile...

The third is a work-around I thought of where I deleted the submit trigger on the mini quizzes - tracking a final question that only appears after all the quizzes have been passed. Again, the tracking works perfectly for this one works on the computer but not on the mobile. NOTE: this one has my actual quiz banks from my huge course. I didn't convert it to my easy quizzes... but you can see how I set it up anyway.

Again, I truly appreciate any input. FYI... I didn't even know what scorm or storyline was just 6 weeks ago, I am very new to all of this.