Results Slide Variables - URGENT

Hi Everyone,

So I have a results slide (inserted from the inbuilt quizzing templates) but for some reason I don't have the four variables I was expecting to see ie

Results Pass Points

Results Score Points

Results pass Percentage

Results Score Percentage

The only one I have is Results Score Percentage. I desperately do not want to recreate the results slide so I need to know:

1: will the LMS read the quiz as complete if all I have is the Results Score Percentage variable

2: if I manually create a Results Pass Percentage variable (using the variable wizard) will the LMS recognise it?

This is really urgent as, if the solution is to rebuild the slide, it will take me approximately 1 day to do it (it's kinds fancy) and the project deadline is this week.

All help and suggestions much appreciated.


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Lisa Ferris

Thanks so much.  I followed your steps and it worked.  I think I was adding a blank result slide and on the Design tab, adding the User's Score manually.  That's when the results variables would disappear.  I'm also using the Velocity template.  At any rate, it works now so I'm a happy camper.  Thanks very much!

Marcia Witt

Hi Leslie

Looks like I am having a similar problem to what Lisa is experiencing.  In the attached file the results display for all Sections except for Section 8 (Scene 9) where the results do not display a score percent or pass percent. A score seems to be calculated and compared since when taking the quiz it is correctly categorized as Passed or Failed and a grand total is calculated.

If you look at the variables, Results7.ScorePercent and Results7.PassPercent were not created for Section 8 (Scene 9). However, similar variables were created for Sections 1-7 (Scenes 2-8) and Sections 9 & 10 (Scenes 10 & 11) that use such variables.

We can recreate the slide, but this will require recoding various results throughout the project. (And it will make the variable numbering untidy.)

I have attached the story file.

Thanks for your help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you have run into a similar issue with your results slide. 

It sounds like you are unable to recreate this issue, similar to when I took a look at Lisa's course.

Deleting the problematic slide and then adding in a new result slide to replace it does create the 4 built-in results variables as expected and gives it the same numbering, so it shouldn't cause too much trouble to recreate the slide :)

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelly!

I'm happy to help! It looks like Marcia's issue was solved by deleting a problematic Results Slide. Do you have a specific slide that might be causing a snag?

If this is different than what you see on your end, would you mind providing more details? If you'd like to provide a story file or screenshot, feel free to attach them by using the Add Attachment button.