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We needs to do evacuation procedures for our buildings.

I have decided rather than maintaining 12 different versons I will combine them into 1  storyline file. At the moment I don't know what they are or how simple/ complicated the procedures are but we can't have a generic one it has to be specific to the building.

My ideas is to ask the user to drop the character over a building and that will take them to the scence outlining the fire saftey for that building).

Each scene will have a question slide or some way of recording their visit with a results slide.

However, some people  will work in two or more buildings so will have to know the procedures for those too.  The results slide per building will have a button to take them to the menu to view a different building.

Is there away of having a final results slide if they have visited 1 or many buildings ?

Also is there a way perhaps I could get them to choose their character and then move to the buildings?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

You can use one results slide that would track questions in more than one scene - but the issue will be the passing score required of the students - as Storyline can only pass one results slide and you can't set it up to only look for the score of one question. You may want to review the information in this thread on some users who have tried to do something similar with a branched quiz and tracking.