Results slides based on variables?? HELP ME!

Nov 07, 2016

Hi All,

REALLY hoping you can help.

I've built a course which overall has business generic content, but some key facts differ depending on in which part of the country a user is. I've therefore got them to select which state they are in at the beginning, and then using variables/states/branching, the facts change where necessary (leading to 3 different content versions)

The problem comes in the quiz at the end. I've had to build 3 separate quizzes. Variables can take them to the quiz that's relevant to them, but the issue comes with results slides and reporting to the LMS..... (they have to get 100%)

I thought I'd sorted it with another hidden results slide that the users don't see but the LMS reports on...and that uses the results from all 3 and I've set the pass mark to 33% - as obviously they'll only visit one quiz.


BUT - it's not working - and I've just seen this "Tip" (which is less of a tip, more of a MASSIVE HURDLE!!!):

Obviously with this - it means the solution I had wont work, as people will only visit 1 of the 4 results slides....agh! 

Can anyone think of a way around this????

Im thinking maybe question banks, but I've never used them before, and don't know if you can set rules on which questions they can select from based on variables????


THank you :)


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Crystal Horn

Hi Lucy!  We'll get you sorted!!  :)

You mentioned that they'll only be visiting 1 out of 4 results slide... based on your setup, they'll need to land on at least 2 of those results slides:  the relevant quiz results slide, and then the final master results slide.  The relevant quiz results slide will communicate to the master results slide, and the master will communicate to the LMS.

If it is awkward for them to see 2 results slides, you can just use some design skillz to hide one of them.  You can change the way the results slide looks so that it isn't apparent (as long as the trigger to submit those results is there).  You could also have a trigger on the results slide to jump to another slide when the timeline starts, as long as that jump trigger falls after the submit results trigger.  They won't even know they've landed on it.

Let me know if that's helpful!  Otherwise, please feel free to share your file, and we'll have a look!

Kirsti Harris

Hi Lucy

Here is a file that I made to try out what Crystal is talking about.  I used variables based on which quiz is being answered to get the module to flip through all the individual results slides before jumping to the master one... and also to cue the results message that prints on the master results slide.  Once I got all my triggers in the right order, it worked well enough.

You'll notice that the individual quiz results slides are blank.  I removed the layers and the text (and left all the triggers) because when I tested the file on our LMS, sometimes the individual quiz results slides showed up anyway (even though the trigger is supposed to jump at the beginning of the timeline).  Now if they show up, all the user sees is a blank screen for a few seconds before seeing the master results slide, which is less confusing.  

We were also able to get our LMS (moodle) to respond to a pass (80% on one of the 3 quizzes, which is ~26% overall) by issuing a certificate. So it seems to work.

It's a very basic file / quiz in terms of content LOL but I hope it helps.

Lucy Hood

THANK YOU so much!!!

I hadn't thought about making them view each results slide but without them even knowing it was a results slide!

We seem to have sorted it out!

I used variables which altered which results slides were "hidden" and which weren't, and which also dictated the order they were shown in.

I added on a shape to mask the results slides that weren't relevant and put on a some text saying "Calculating..", and had the slide progress when the timeline was at the end (and it showed for 2 seconds) so it at least looked like it was doing something!

I did try the "jump to the next slide when timeline starts" option, but it didn't seem to run as smoothly.

The lovely people at eLearning heros save me yet again!

Thanks everyone!


Lucy Hood

Hi all, me again!

Thought I'd got this all sorted but alas - no!!

I've got the lms reporting on master quiz situation fixed...but the issue comes if they have to redo the quiz if they fail the first time.

Once they are told they have failed, there's a button that will take them to the beginning of the module,and they can navigate to the section they have struggled with so they can hopefully pass the quiz the next time.

I've added in that this button also resets all the quiz results (inc. master quiz results) - I've added references to make sure they do all reset properly.

BUT - if they get every question right the second time, the results slide says they've passed, but when they finish the LMS doesn't sign them off as having completed the module?!!

After some research it seems the reset results trigger can be a bit temperamental and I had quite a few triggers on one button, so ive attached the rest trigger to different things - but it's not helping!

Heroes, be my heroes yet again! - HELPPPP!



Lucy Hood

Quick update from me...I've tested it in SCORM Cloud and its doing the same thing...

If I fail the quiz the first time, but pass it the second - the results slides say I've passed (both state specific and master results slide), but the LMS is not signing me off (still saying "incomplete").

Any ideas? Do I need to add in any other triggers to resubmit the quiz results to the LMS the second time around or something? I'm so confused!


Rebecca Champagne

I have been struggling with this problem (which is now posted on multiple threads).  I believe it should be suggested as a feature update.  

My need was: 4 branches/quizzes that a user COULD take SOME of, reporting one of the possible quizzes back to the LMS, with an accurate score (not a 25%) .

However, I did find a "reasonably-simple" work-around:

  • Create a branch for each user's job/path, with all the branches returning to one quiz, culminating in one results slide. 
  • At the branch slide, create a true/false variable for every branch possibility.  (in my case, 1 of 4, based on the user's choice of path.)
  • On every question slide, create a number of layers for every branch (in my case, 4 layers).  Then show layer, based on the variable.  The question and answer content is on each of the variable layers.  Just the radial buttons are on the base layer.  There are some sticking points here: 1) all the layers have to have the same type of question (e.g.multi-response, true/false, multi-choice, etc) so that the answer selection is all the same, 2) all have to have the same type of feedback response, 3) works best with the same number of questions per branch.

And it works.  The user can choose any branch, take a unique quiz, and see an accurate score in the LMS.  



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