Results slides help (100%, <100%, and Failure layers)

Hello all,

My team and I normally are asked to include three different outcomes with our coding for result slide pages within our eLearning.  For instance, if someone scores 100%, then only a "Submit score and exit course" button will appear on the screen.  If someone scores less than 100% but still passes the test, then a "Submit score and exit course" button will appear along with a "Review" button.  Lastly, if they fail then a failure message will appear along with the two buttons (Submit and Review). 

I see that the results page that is included in Storyline already creates the Success and Failure layers for us, which is awesome!  What I am trying to figure out now is how to have a variable that will allow for both the Review and Submit buttons to appear.  So, if the score is less than 100 and more than the failing score, then the students will have both of these options appear on the screen.  Can anyone help me with this?

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