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Feb 07, 2016


We have constructed a course module which consists of 6 units:

5 units with content and quizzes, each with its own results slide,

and 1 unit which is a final quiz, that leads to a results slide, and after that goes to an overall results slide.


Now, this project has more 'ResultsX' variables than actual results slides, and they are not necessarily in chronological order (i.e. scene 3's quiz is represented in Results7)

I noticed this when I previewed the entire course, and took only the final quiz, only to notice that the overall results slide just showed the same values as the previous results slide. I changed the Results variables manually to match variables not in use, but can't seem to get the overall calculation right.

What am I missing?

Any input on the subject would be greatly appreciated

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Erez Goren

Hello Wendy,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes it does.

I'm assuming this is happening because it's taking into account only results slides that have any data input, so I've created a variable for each results slide called "passedtest" and triggered the 'continue' button from the final quiz's RS to be hidden in case any of those are false. Trying it out now.

Erez Goren

OK - Thankfully my workaround works:

The 'Continue'(to overall results slide) button will be hidden unless all other 'passedtest' (one for each quiz) variables are true, and if not, there will be a text box saying "make sure you have completed all of the quizzes successfully in order to finish the course", with arrows pointing to the 'My stats' button on the player (which lightboxes an internal leaderboard with all of the chapters, and their quiz score [and badges])

Also, regarding which variable corresponds to which results slide - for anyone who tore hairs out trying to match missing variables - if you click 'EDIT RESULTS SLIDE' and head to the 'Options' tab, you can uncheck/check "Show user's score" and "Show passing score", and the variable will show up on the slide.

There was some weird behavior with the "Allow user to retry quiz" checkbox, which deleted a button I have leading to the Stats board. I guess SL2 remembered that that button used to be a "retry" quiz (this was on the overall results slide).

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