Results Slides Variables Issue!

Hi there,

I posted yesterday as I was having an issue with results slides in Articulate Storyline. I have 11 lessons in a course. Most lessons have 4 or 5 quizzes that are just self tests so not assessed really. I want to add a result slide after each quiz as the quizzes are scattered throughout each lesson. To do this I have had to set up graded quizzes which are fine, I presume I can disregard the grading element on Moodle?

Anyhow, today I took one of the lessons and imported the 4 quizzes out to a new project and added the results slides and they work perfectly!! I thought I had solved the issue however...when I imported them back into the initial project none of the results slides show, they are not even visible!!

When importing I was given two options re variables, I tried both options but none worked. Any input would be great as I know nothing at all about variables!



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Walt Hamilton

Some things to check:

Does the program flow include the result slides? You have to jump to them to see them.

Check the setup of the imported result slides. Be sure they reference the quizzes by the names they have in the new project, and yes check that they are using the same names for user score and possible score as their new home.

If nothing works, use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to attach your .story file here. It's easier for someone to help if they can see everything that is going on.