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Jun 10, 2016


I have to built a E-learning with questions on the beginning to see witch categories the learner has to get.

1. Question  - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

2. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

3. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

4. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

Here the learner picked 2 times Answer 1 and once Answer 2+3

Answer 1 has 1 Point; Answer 2 has 2 Points; Answer 3 has 3 Point; Answer 4 has 4 Points, now I would like to count how often he pickts answers with 1 Point and 2 Point and so on.

Is there a way without JavaSkript to count this kind of answers?


And one other question is there a way in the result slide to say how many points and not how many % he needs to pass?


Thank you for the feedbacks I hopefully get quickly. :-)




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Bianca -- Thanks for reaching out here! Do you happen to have a file already started that you would be able to share? That tends to be the best way for your fellow community members to take a peek at how things are set up and offer more file-specific suggestions. 

And I wanted to note in case you weren't aware, if you should decide to utilize JavaScript to accomplish what you have in mind, that is not something for which we are able to offer support, but there are many JS gurus here in E-Learning Heroes who are more than happy to assist. Here is our JavaScript Best Practices and Examples sheet if you'd like to check it out, as well. :)

Bianca Kleinmann

Hi Christie,

Thanks for your quick answer. No I have not startet the project now. But as soon as I have one, I will share it here. Right now I am just thinking for it on a Paper.

And thanks for the JS-Link, but I have no idea how to write Java-Skript details, this is why I am looking for another way.

Have a nice day



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