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May 03, 2013

I am working with a client who plans an e-learning-course in AS. The course consists of a number of videos and the same amount of related questions.

The user would not have to do the course in one sitting, but come back and try answering a number of questions.  

The client would like to track each attempt. 

Will it be possible to track the results (e.g. 3 of 40 questions correctly answered) even if the course is not completed? 

And if so, how best do that?

Any hints are very much appreciated.

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Claudia Musekamp
Hi Peter,
thanks for the information, this helped!
Just for your info: I had our IT guy try this out with Moodle and what he noticed is the following - Moodle only takes the results when the course is finished. When user doesn't go to the end (to the result slide), then Moodle counts is as not completed and doesn't take the result values. Moodle offers a function to count every singly try that doesn't really work. Moodle only saves the "in between" data - to have the user resume. 
In German: 
Articulate Storyline übergibt das Ergebnis einer Bearbeitung erst, wenn der Resultslide - meist am Ende - erreicht ist. Zwischenstände können zwar in AS gespeichert, aber letztendlich nur ein einziger Wert übergeben werden. 
Moodle speichert zwar Zwischenstände von AS, aber nur zu dem Zweck, ggfs. wieder den Kurs weiter fortführen zu können. Bis jetzt wird dieser Zwischenstand nicht als Ergebnis gesetzt. Damit zeigt sich in Moodle das auch von Ihnen für Scormcloud beschriebene Problem. Die in Moodle einstellbare Funktion, Versuche einzeln zu werten, funktioniert mit AS nicht richtig. 
Hierbei handelt es sich um offensichtlich ein Schnittstellenproblem. 
Peter Anderson

Thanks for the info, Claudia. 

In the future, if you want to test your content on an industry standard LMS to ensure that your course is working and functioning properly, we recommend SCORM Cloud. Typically, if everything functions properly in SCORM Cloud, it means any issue you're experiencing outside of SCORM Cloud is specific to your LMS.

Hope that helps

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