Resultslide issues

I've created an resultslide for our e-learning. This resultslide has got a percentage counter. This causes the slide to have a lot of triggers to make it work. How do I easily share this "template" across different story files without storyline complaining over variables and importing another slidemaster. 

I thought it would be the best way to share the slide to the teamslides. And then import it back into another story file. But as far as I can see this only creates work to repair the triggers and clean up the slidemaster. 

I would help a lot if people could share their workflow regarding this matter. 

Kind regards, 

Harold Lentink

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Harold,

I share your concern about Storyline (SL) creating another Slide Master when you import a slide from another file. If you and your team plan to use the same Results slide in multiple courses, I'd recommend creating a story file that provides all of the common elements you want. This "set up" file would include the desired Master Slide(s), along with the special Results slide. It could also include other typical slides, like a title slide, with the text boxes ready to be filled in. Then, to start a new course, you simply do a "Save As" to create a new file, which will have all of the common elements.

For example, for my main client (who has strict branding standards), I maintain a "set up" story with their color palette, font theme, and the Master Slide layouts. It also has their standard title slide ready to fill in. And in a separate scene (which I call "Storage"), I have a ready-to-fill-in quiz slide for each type of question, e.g., multiple-choice with single response, multiple-choice with multiple-response, matching, etc. 

After I save a copy of that file for a new course, I can copy and paste the quiz questions as needed. I move the Results slide to follow the actual quiz. After the course is approved, I delete any unused slides. 

I can't tell whether you'd still have to adjust variables for each course to control your special percentage counter. But having such a "set up" file might work for you and your team.

Good luck!

Harold Lentink


Thanks for a detailed description of your workflow. This indeed could do the trick for us. I surely will take this in consideration. Because this seems to be the only way to be ahead of a lot of frustrations. Weird though, that on several fronts users should think of an own "workaround"  to get things to work properly. 

Kind regards, 

Harold Lentink

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Harold,

It sounds like you may have run into an issue our team is investigating. What we've seen is that importing a copy of project with a modified variable name, the variable name reverts to the original name. So that would account for your duplicate variables and issues with the triggers - does that sound like what you're running into? If so, I'll include this discussion in the report as our team investigates.

If it doesn't sound like a match, let me know and we can dig deeper into the issue you're seeing! 

Harold Lentink


Thanks for your response. It might indeed be the same issue. What I did find out that is is much easier to copy-paste the slide. If I open to *.story files and then copy the resultslide to the other document it seems to work properly. It the seems to copy all of the triggers, variables and objects on the slide. And since the destination file has all the variables it seems to work fine. Most of the time it even automatically adds the question of the scene automatically to the resultslide. Once I start testing and checking the published versions I can report if my problems are solved this way. 

Kind regards,