Resume behavior in Articulate 360 Storyline

In Storyline  2, when you choose always resume, it hits a limitation where if there are a lot of slides, it doesn't return you to the last viewed, it returns you to that number.  For example, I have a course that has 70+ slides, but if I choose always resume, it takes them to Slide 36, even if they finished the course. 

Does Storyline have the same issue in 360?


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Traci P

I have seen this in Storyline 2. In Storyline 360 I'm working on a large course, and we did have an issue where the resume was a bit unreliable at times. We couldn't find a rhyme or reason for it, so I set things to reset, and used variables and triggers to set up a sort of manual resume state on some slides as needed. This seemed to fix it.

My course isn't as text heavy as some, so maybe others can confirm if it's the same. I've heard the issue is supposed to be much better in 360. 

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Michele Miner

Hi everyone.  Thanks, Scorm 2004 isn't an option and no matter what I tried, it either returned them to slide 36 or slide 38.  I don't want them to be able to retake the course (it is really an assessment), so I was hoping the resume would take them to the last screen which only gave them an option to review the assessment, but not retake it.  I tried variables on the Launch button to count and then disable once they clicked it once, but that didn't work either. 

So, what I did as a workaround is I changed the message on the resume label to "You have already taken this assessment, click on No and Exit".  I set the course to only keep the first score (in the LearnCenter), so even if they do click on No and it returns them to the beginning, they can retake the assessment, but their score won't change.

If anyone else finds a solution, please let me know. Thanks!