Resume behaviour - Storyline 360

Aug 27, 2020

Hi all. I have just published a 360 e-learn with multiple scenes. It is published to an LMS called MyESR.

A learner exits the course before completion. After restarting they get the prompt to resume (all good so far)  - On restart, they get the prompt to resume but the resume point defaults to one particular slide every time (not the place where they left off)?

Any ideas why this is happening?  Thanks :)

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Sam Hill

Hi Andy, is your module published to SCORM 1.2? If so, it is possible you are hitting a character limit on the suspend_data. This can happen in larger modules when the setting "Resume saved data" is selected for each of the slides. Especially if a quiz is involved as well.

This can be corrected by published to SCORM 2004, or by being more selective over which slides should Resume and which should reset to initial state. Some LMS (Moodle comes to mind) have an option to allow more suspend_data to be stored for SCORM 1.2 module.

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