Resume / Bookmark - not working properly (SABA Cloud)

I have a course with 235 slides.  When we exit the course after approximately 150 slides, no matter how far we progress (short of completion) and return (Resume PROMPT =ON // LMS "IGNORE Cookies" checked - host=SABA Cloud) the course always returns to the exact same slide.  Leave off at Lesson 6.3, it returns to Lesson 5.20  Leave off at Lesson 7.1, it returns to 5.20.  We just cannot get the bookmark to properly update/advance progress after the learner passes Lesson 5.20.  We have even deleted multiple original slides and rebuilt the slides (except audio file).    We have been through 15 passes to try to overcome improper bookmark/resume point without success.

Have you had trouble with LMS / Resume Course feature not bookmarking properly?  

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Tom Doyle

Hi Ashley,  It is difficult to absolutely confirm whether your recommendation would resolve our issue.  My LMS Admininstrator instructed me to divide the course into two (2) parts.  It works and the course is back online.  I sincerely appreciate your support and all of the other Community discussion that I managed to find on the topic.  I suspect you were right all along; I only wish I could confirm it was the proper fix.

Sam Hatamleh

This is happening now to many of our old courses that we're updating. When published in Storyline 1 a couple of years ago there were no issues. For some reason, now when we update a course, just a simple text update in Storyline 2 and republish the course, the bookmarking doesn't behave as expected. The bookmarking works properly until we reach the end of the course, around the test and results slides, that's where the error starts to happen as described in the first post here. What can we do? 

By the way, the courses are small, around 30 slides. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

Storyline 2 did include some more features and data than Storyline 1, so it's possible you're hitting the suspend data limit sooner than you were before. You mentioned that it's happening towards the end of the course - is it consistent to a certain slide or section? That's a good indication of the suspend data limit being hit. I'd take a look at the article here for some additional ideas. 

Paula Vianna Kietzer

Hi guys, 

I want to share with you a solution I found for this issue.

I was facing the same problem with some of the courses I developed. Besides the bookmark problem, which resumes to an specific page instead of the last one I visited, despite finishing the course, the LMS wasn't changing status to complete.

I noticed that this specific page was with a different master template, which was renamed with a long label, so, I edited to a short one and then the bookmark started working properly.

I had an insight after visiting this topic, although the cause is different, I hope this experience could help somebody.

Best regards.

Tonya Weathers

I'm having bookmark issues that are very similar, but the Suspend Data Limit article isn't answering all my questions. I'm needing to understand the exact behavior of Storyline.

  1. If I'm using SCORM 1.2 and meet the 4,096 character limit on a slide, does bookmark save on that slide or the previous slide?
  2. I'm also aware that character count includes interactions, buttons and even revisiting pages. What is the behavior then? Does bookmark save on the slide where the limit is met?
  3. Is there a time limit for suspend data? For example, some people can return to a course in a hour and resume where they left off, but others can return a month later and they must start from the beginning.