Resume Course Errors (missing t's and serif font)

I have long module I'm working on. In testing, if you exit the course toward the end, and reopen it from an LMS there are some errors. Mainly the letter t is missing from the text on the slides and all the font has changed from the san-serif to a serif font (both in the player and the slides). This tends to happen in Chrome. (Font being used throughout is standard Calibri.)

Does anyone know if this is a size limit issue? Would setting all slides to Reset on revisit help?



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Traci P

Thanks Michael. It must be something like that. I was testing from Scorm Cloud, but it will be launched from a corporate LMS later. I'm trying to do pre-LMS testing at the moment at the end of the dev stage since it's such a complex module. I haven't checked the developer console, but that's a good tip!

I set everything to reset to initial state, and now we aren't able to replicate the error, so I'm thinking that's my workaround. I have some layers that override the reset for slides that aren't supposed to replay.

Michael Anderson

Hmmm, things generally work pretty well from Scorm Cloud. Do you have good Internet speed at your location? Which version of Storyline are you using, 360?

That's great you found a workaround, as long as that works okay for your users. I would suggest testing in your target LMS as much as you can during development. Depending on the LMS, you might be able to set up a trial account or something.

Traci P

I'm using 360. I'm not sure about the internet speed. We were testing in all the different browsers, and it only seemed to be IE. I was just reading other threads about ts and fs missing and wondering if it's related to that error. So far after setting things to reset we haven't been able to replicate it. 

I would love to test in their LMS, but with the tight time frame and being an external consultant I don't really have that option for this course. The pretesting will hopefully help us catch most things before we hand things over to the LMS team.

Traci P

Thanks! I thought it was Chrome bc all the other issues we found were in Chrome. But I looked back at the screen prints after reading the other threads about missing ts and fs to confirm, and it was IE. So maybe that’s the issue. Either way we seem to be ok with using the reset property. It was only happening if someone resumed the course toward the end and that’s why I thought maybe it was something to do with storing the progress etc. I’ve worked on other long course that get weird errors on resuming toward the end and that was the workaround/solution for those.

Traci P

A few years back, I worked on a really long course with a ton of text in SL2, and on resuming the course it wasn't able to remember the correct slide that the person exited from. The dev team I was working for said this was due to maxing out the characters or memory or something like that, and they had all the developers change all slides to reset on resume as a fix. That's where I got the idea to try that for this error, since it seemed like the course could no longer remember what font to use. (I apologize for my lack of technical language on the subject.)  So far we aren't having the issue anymore. I'll update if I learn anything new from more testing. 

Traci P

Thanks Ashley!  Would it be true that the font would change in all cases? The tester who had this issue only had it once when he resumed the course toward the end in IE. It played perfectly with correct fonts most of the time in IE. It was just resuming toward the end that caused it. 

Calvin Lo

this happened to me just now.... i uploaded 4 storyfiles.. all have the same publish settings and fonts. one project is having this font problem while the others are working fine. :( Viewing the file locally doesn't have that problem.

i am using Chrome on Windows 10.

Update: I uploaded the problematic file on a different course instance within the LMS and this time the fonts were fine. Unfortunately, I have to use the previous instance to preserve the records of the students. But when I overwrite that file, the font problem is still showing. I know it has the updated content because it's showing the changes to the content that I made.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Calvin. Thanks for sharing those details. Since you have Articulate 360 for Teams, I've opened a priority support case for you. If you can share your .story file, there will be an upload link in the confirmation email you'll receive.

We'll be happy to see what we can do on our end to make sure the updated content works in your LMS to help preserve learner data!