Resume feature not working as expected

Hi guys,


I have a course built with Storyline 1, and it's exhibiting a weird behaviour related to the resume function.

The course is meant as an introduction to my organization's values and purpose, and has a lot of content. However, I'm not concerned with learners being forced to review every single slide in the course (but they can always return to review it in the future if they need to), so the completion settings are configured to mark the course as complete after viewing 25% of the material (15 of 60 slides). However, the following behaviour with the resume feature is happening:

  • if the learner has not hit the completion mark  and they leave the course, when they return and choose to resume from where they left off, it takes them back to the last slide viewed (expected behaviour)
  • if the learner has hit the completion mark and they leave the course, then they return and choose to resume from where they left off, it takes them back to the slide where the completion was recorded (which could be different, depending on how the user navigated through the course - either using the Next/Prev buttons, or the menu, or a combination), not the last slide they viewed

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Why won't the resume feature remember what slide the learner was on after they trigger the completion status in the course?

Thanks in advance!



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Shawn Simpson

Thanks for the prompt response, Ashley!

I have just tried publishing a version of the course that marks it complete on the final slide, using the method described in this article:

If that still causes an issue, then I will try the setting changes in configuration.js, as described in the support article.