Resume function dosn't work

Hi everyone,

I’m having some problems regarding the resume function in SL.
I use the latest version of SL360.
I published an sample course with 5 slides for the internet. Here I get the prompt to resume when I reopen the course. But when I published the same course for an LMS, I do not get an prompt when reopen the course.
Note 1: I open the course (for the LMS) by clicking on „story.html“.

Note 2: In an LMS (Moodle) it doesn’t work either.

So what I’m missing here?

Thanks for any help!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Stefan,

Running the course locally when published to LMS may not work as expected as security restrictions from your computer, web browser, and network can interfere with the published output when it's viewed locally.

Since you experienced the same issue with your LMS, I tested your file in SCORM Cloud and was able to see the prompt.

Take a look at these other troubleshooting tips to help you sort through what may be happening!

You may also consider using a different browser or reaching out to your LMS provider to see if they can provide some insight!