Resume going to the wrong page

Aug 02, 2018

Hi Folks,

I'm having a bit of an issue with a course created in SL3. The resume function is taking the course back to an earlier page than the user left the course from.

I've stripped the course back to just a Assessment intro screen, Question bank of 10 questions and the results screen. If I strip the assessment bank back to 8 questions the resume works correctly but just adding the 9th question causes the issue.

I first thought this may be susspend data issue but wouldnt have expected it from a course of 12 pages.

Any ideas?


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Peter M

I have a bit an update on this. I have set the Max Susspend Data to 4700 in scorm cloud and it fixes this issue. However I need to get this working on the clients LMS. I'm struggling to understand why my stripped back course with only 12 screens is having this issue with susspend data.

Any ideas?

Nathan Leavitt

Peter, do recall any useful information that came from the support team?

I'm experiencing the same issue with in a presentation with no questions. It gets "stuck" on slide 49 (of 156). Any attempt to return to the training after slide 49 always brings us back to slide 49.

We're publishing from Storyline v47. In scormdriver.js I've confirmed that:

Publishing to SCORM 2004 is problematic for our Saba LMS. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nathan, 

I cannot speak for Peter, but I looked at his support case with our team.

The logs and findings by our team indicated:

Diagnostic=cmi.core.suspend_data may not be greater than 4096 characters, your value is 4547 characters

Are you publishing to SCORM 1.2 when experiencing this issue? The SCORM standards for suspend data are found here. Would you be able to reduce the number of slides in your course to fit your LMS requirements? 

I look forward to hearing from others in the community on how they dealt with a similar need and requirement.

Nathan Leavitt

There was an unneeded (Set caption) slide trigger on a certain slide that was stopping the bookmarking feature. The caption contained a zero-width (invisible) character that caused the problem.

Normally we "strip out" unnecessary Word document characters by pasting into Notepad, then copying the Notepad text and pasting it elsewhere. In this case it wasn't sufficient. If we saved the Notepad and changed its format to ANSI (not the normal UTF-8), we first got a warning that the Unicode information would be lost and then the zero-width character was changed to a question mark, which we could visibly recognize and delete.

In this case, the caption was a bit sloppy with an extra regular space after the period. Cleaning up small details like this would generally solve the issue.

Lesson learned: After pasting something into Storyline, press the Backspace key until you delete the final character, then manually re-type the final character.

After this, we had no more trouble with bookmarking in our 126-slide Storyline training in SCORM 1.2 format.