Resume going to the wrong page

Hi Folks,

I'm having a bit of an issue with a course created in SL3. The resume function is taking the course back to an earlier page than the user left the course from.

I've stripped the course back to just a Assessment intro screen, Question bank of 10 questions and the results screen. If I strip the assessment bank back to 8 questions the resume works correctly but just adding the 9th question causes the issue.

I first thought this may be susspend data issue but wouldnt have expected it from a course of 12 pages.

Any ideas?


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Peter M

I have a bit an update on this. I have set the Max Susspend Data to 4700 in scorm cloud and it fixes this issue. However I need to get this working on the clients LMS. I'm struggling to understand why my stripped back course with only 12 screens is having this issue with susspend data.

Any ideas?