Resume, Grade, Attemps & Complete issue in Storyline 2 SCROM in Moodle 3

Dear All,

I have a simple draft testing course with just a few slides and a quiz with three questions. Reporting option is set as Pass/Incomplete. LMS is set one attempt. What I want is student can:

  • Take the course and resume properly
    • With SCROM 1.2, advancing a slide and closing the windows, first time can resume but second time start review mode. I disabled "SCROM 1.2 standard" option in the Moodle server but no difference.
    • With SCROM 2004, it can resume properly.
  • Course to be completed only quiz passed, e.g. 60%. After complete, student can browse the course only in review mode (ready-only), not preview.
    • SCROM 1.2, just like the resume case. Student can't do the test again after resume failed and course is in review mode.
    • SCROM 2004, student can resume the course and do the test again no matter passing scored obtained.

It makes me frustrated the cooperation between the LMS and SCROM package by storyline 2. Should this be a simple and typical example? However, I couldn't get it done.

In the course, the quiz can retry until pass.


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tw test

Found out Moodle doesn't support SCORM 2004. Tested the resume in the storm cloud and it works properly. Just don't know why Moodle 3 can resume only one time but change the attempt to review mode in second resume.

I have one question is the tracking and score should be handled by LMS (Moodle) in general? If we would like to record each fail/pass, should we:

Storyline 2

  • Set report option Passed/Fail
  • Set quiz without retry (if set retry, will each pass/fail in the same attempt be recorded and reported to LMS?)

LMS (Moodle 3)

  • Unlimit attempt
  • Highest grade

Either student pass or fail in the attempt, it will be recorded and reported to the LMS. To retake the quiz to pass, student start a new attempt in the LMS. Am I right?

tw test

Thanks Phil. More exactly, review mode will be invoked either passed or failed when the course is completed while incomplete (quiz not finished, pass or fail not yet reported) should resume the course.

I referred discussion in Moodle forum and deleted the masteryscore in lmsmanifest.xml and now it can resume normally. 

One thing cannot achieve is only review mode available if student passed the quiz. Start new attempt cannot be dynamically disabled based on the passing result. It is one time setting either enable or disabled.

I found adding restriction can prevent student to launch the SCORM course but it doesn't allow user to review information in the course. Anyone have ideas to overcome this limit? Thanks.


tw test

I mean after student pass the quiz, we want:

  1. student couldn't retake the exam
  2. student can browse the course in review mode

To fulfill 1. and 2., we couldn't let student to "start a new attempt" to take the quiz again. If the student couldn't start the new attempt but resume the passed/fail current attempt, it is in review mode already.

With the current unlimited attempt setting to record all pass/fail in each attempt, it's not feasible as there is no way to limit start new attempt based on passing result.

Adding restriction in SCORM setting in LMS (Moodle) can prevent entering SCORM activity (the course). It prevents student taking exam again after passing but no course review at the same time.

With the current/last attempt completed with either pass or fail, forcing resume means start a new attempt. Please correct me if any deviation in my understanding.

tw test

Thanks all for all the discussion so far. I found the answer with the following environment and setting:

  • Moodle 3.0
  • Delete the masteryscore in the published file imsmainfest.xml from storyline
  • Set one attempt and force new attempt in SCORM setting in moodle

However, I found one issues. When the attempt is incomplete, e.g. a few fail in the quiz, all responses for the quiz is recordered in the incomplete attempt in the interactions report in Moodle. For example, if a quiz has 3 questions, a user failed two time, there will be six response in the same incomplete attempt.

I understood in sense of tracking, as attempt incomplete, all responses should be included. However, if a user just want to keep last quiz, i.e. overwrite responses if fail, I couldn't find means in Storyline 2 or Moodle.

I first think of submit result in result page only with condition passed, i.e. score percentage larger than or equal to passed percentage. However, I find even a user just submit one question and quit the course, the response is written in the interaction report.

Certainly, it makes sense in tracking sense - with all tracked. However, it makes complicated for users to further process the excel file involved. Though we can use Excel's PowerQuery to automated the tasks, users may not appreciate the beauty inside.

Welcome any ideas and suggestions. Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi TW,

If you force a resume, the course will return the user to where they left off. If you don't allow a resume at all, it'll reset the course and the users will go through it again on their second access. 

Storyline will pass the data to your LMS throughout the course, and then each time they met the completion requirement, but it'll be up to the LMS to keep track of the attempts and whether the previous scores get overwritten or only updated if the new score is higher. 

tw test


Hi Ashely,

I am sorry if I didn't make the points clear. To make it simple, with resume, let's say I have a quiz with 1 question.

  1. I took the quiz and failed. In interaction report, we see something similar to this:
  2. Retake the quiz (storyline allow retake), marks will be reset.
  3. Take the quiz again. No matter fail or pass, interaction reports including the previous failed Response 0, i.e. now we will have two Response columns, 0 and 1.

If I click the links of highlight marks, something similar as follows:

It includes another cmi.interacitons_X, x=0 and 1 this time, i.e. two response with previous.

What I want to say when storyline submit the suspend data to Moodle, it saves all when I first take the quiz and failed. Then when I resume the course, click retake the course, storyline reset the marks but not the response.

I understood it's hard to say as it now involves two party, Storyline and Moodle. However, I don't find any options either  in storyline or Moodle to include or exclude the failed responses if I allow user to retake the quiz. I believe both Storyline or Moodle should offer such option. It will be good if Storyline offers this in logical sense - storyline is the initiator to submit those information.

It makes the interactions report record not consistent for the same attempt 1, i.e. someone pass in first trial while someone may be a few. It causes someone with just one Response 0 but someone a few. Though in this step, it seems more fair to request Moodle as it's database related - it should be handled as multiple record with same attempt number in database sense.

It's just complicated and I couldn't find any ways to make it smooth and simple for users.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi TW,

I'd agree with Phil, that you'll want to connect with Moodle about how they're tracking and capturing data as Storyline is going to send the data and results each and every time they take the course - it's up to Moodle to determine when and how to display it or which results are kept.