Resume Issues

Hi,  I recently started using Storyline 2 and are thinking about purchasing the software. We have been happy so far, but recently found a bug we can't seem to get around.

Our test course has multiple scenes with quizzes at the end of each scene. THe quizzes are graded and submitted to their own result page. Once all the scenes have been completed, the final scene should collect all the result pages and present a certificate.

The issue is with the resume feature. When you exit out of the the LMS, and then return, only a handful of scenes are showing completed even though they have been complete. Maybe it is something to do with the results?

We really aren't sure what is wrong. It is our first time trying this software. I have included the .story file.

Thank you!

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Phil Mayor

If you are using Scorm 1.2 (and any version of Scorm below 2004 v3) there is a character limit of around 4096 characters. For large courses this data limit is too small and although the articulate package sends all of the data some LMSs can truncate the data at 4096 characters thereby breaking the resume function.

The solution is tonnes Scorm 2004 3rd edition or above or increase the limit in your LMS if possible.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melissa,

The limit is set by the SCORM output, and so Scorm 1.2 has a limit of 4096 characters as Phil mentioned. There are a few ways you could look at limiting the data as mentioned here. You won't be able to see how many characters a course has as we compress the suspend data as detailed here.