Resume not working at 2nd attempt

Hi All

I'm having trouble with an elearning game I've created.

If i close the window the story is in, and then resume the story, then it'll remember where I got to before I closed the window, as expected.

If I close the window again and try to re-open it, resuming where I left off, it goes back to the start of the module again as if it was the first time I have opened the story.

Is storyline meant to work in this way? Reason I ask is the network seems to cut out or freeze during busy periods, so if the bookmarking could work every time the story is re-opened that would save a lot of time for the users.

I am tracking the completion of the module by a results slide at the end of the game, which is triggered by completed by a dummy quiz slide (2nd from last screen) which the end user doesn't realise is a quiz slide. It marks the slide as correct when the timeline starts, so the user is none the wiser.

I've tried the same module in SCORM cloud and it allows me to close and resume all the way through the module, as many times as I want. Which is what I want to happen in my moodle LMS.

Can anyone advise? Could it be down to the resume data limit? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

Thanks for letting us know that you were unable to recreate the issue in SCORM Cloud. Have you reached out to your LMS team for assistance since it seems related there or were you just hoping to have some Moodle users chime in and assist?

Based on this previous thread, looks like your assumption could be spot on.

James Bonney

Hi Leslie,

In the other thread, the guy was being taken back to his 'second' restart position each time, mine is reverting back to the very beginning.

Do the other versions of SCORM still work the same as SCORM 1.2? Tracking/Completion/Functionality wise? If they work in the same way I'll try a different version of SCORM.

It just seems very strange that when I track with a results slide, it doesn't work. However if I track with 'slides viewed' the resume works as expected.

The problem I have is all users have to go through ALL 10 questions in Question bank 1.

Then the user can complete the game if they see 4 questions correct in Question bank 2, or if they see 12 questions in Question bank 2. 

The only 'bodge it' way round the issue I have is to create 42 'Completed' slides that have 0.2 seconds on the timeline and jump to next slide when timeline starts. Effectively speeding through 42 slides, covering the difference slides not viewed by a 'good' player. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

The biggest differences that we see are the question data and the suspend data limits. To send question text to your LMS, publish for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (it does not send in SCORM 1.2).

The SCORM specs give the following lengths for the suspend_data element:

Spec Characters
SCORM 1.2 4,096
SCORM 2004 2nd Edition 4,000
SCORM 2004 3rd Edition 64,000
SCORM 2004 4th Edition 64,000
James Bonney

Hmm, I tried SCORM 2004 and it's not supported on Moodle. 

I unticked 'Enable SCORM 1.2 standard mode' within the Moodle LMS but that didn't fix the issue.

Only way I've made this work is to publish by screens viewed and if the user is successful in the game, to have 40 plus 'Completion' screens', all 0.2 seconds long.