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Hi heroes!

When you finish a course and do a quiz, if the quiz is passed you can´t do it anymore even if you resume the course

But if you choose not to resume, the test is available again even if you passed the quiz, so the user can do it again and send another puntuation to the LMS.

The question is: Is any way to choose "not resume" but to avoid the user do the test again. I was thinking to control with a var but if you choose "not resume" the vars an reset.

The idea of this is let the user review the course once passed, by preventing to send another puntuation to the LMS

Any suggestions? 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Juanjo,

If you set the Resume functionality to "Always" when the user revisits the course, they'll be on the last slide that they viewed (likely the results slide). You could then have a button on that slide to "Review" the quiz - which will just allow them to see the slides again but not retake it.  

Juanjo Haro


Yeah, i know but imagine that the user makes the course and passed. The course will stay on the library of this user and will be accesible to make it again and i cannot always resume cause my boss did not want this.

My problem is that the user hits no, i can't find a way to keep the test unaccesible, not allow the user even enter the test.

Is there any scorm value that i can call from articulate to know if the test is passed and the switch off the button? Something like that?