Resume Quiz Error in Oracle Learning Cloud LMS

Mar 03, 2021

When testing a SL360 SCORM file in the LMS (Oracle Learning Cloud), we are seeing a bookmarking and LMS completion issue when the learner exits the course early after starting the quiz. We have changed the file to resume when they return to the course and also uploaded a new SCORM 2004 version of the file (even though the LMS vendor instructed us to use SCORM 1.2 files). The LMS did resume where the quiz was left off at, yet when the entire quiz was completed successfully, the LMS reported that the learner did not pass the course.


We do know that Oracle has stated that the error is with the imsmanifest.xml file and that they suggested moving the following line:



either above or below one of the following lines:




Ultimately, we would like to have learners who leave the quiz be able to pick up where they left off, finish their quiz successfully, and receive credit for the completion in the Oracle Learning Cloud.


Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Bobby Jourdan

Hi there Michelle

Good to find people who use the same combination of Storyline and OLC. We are implementing OLC now and I will be tackling any issues that come my way.

Have you tried adjusting the Auto-Commit option in the SCORM settings in OLC? I am normally using Yes? See image