"Resume saved state" is not working with variables.

Hi all,

I am facing unexpected behavior of "Resume saved state" functionality of layers.

when i re-visit the slide having setting "Resume saved state", it updates mathematical triggers, due to which i am unable to implement my business logic.

.Story file is attached herewith for reference.

please suggest me right way.

Thanks in advance.


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sachin patil

Hi Jan/Christie/Ashley,

sorry for 0 bytes story file.

here is proper story file attached.

regarding resume functionality, i have added one trigger to increase the variable on 1st slide and slide has setting "resume saved state" on base and slide layers. when i re-visit the slide, i think this trigger gets executed and variable gets incremented again.

i was expecting, "resume saved state" will show me last saved graphical and functional status on re-visiting the same slide.

Phil Mayor

When a slide loads any timeline start triggers will fire irrespective of if the slide is set to automatic, reset to initial state or resume.

When set to resume saved state then the slide should look like how you left it visually, but this can be affected by any timeline start triggers.

Using a condition on each timeline start trigger you could potentially prevent any further calculations, you could use a t/f variable value as your condition.

sachin patil

Thanx, Phil.

So "timeline start" and "timeline end" trigger gets executed on re-visiting the page, irrespective of slide property automatic, reset to initial state or resume.

On provided your inputs i did some tries.

I applied the calculation logic in other ways and it works fine. Attached is story file using on state change trigger.

So conclusion seems to be, i need to avoid timeline start and timeline end triggers for "resume saved states" slides for mathematical or similar calculations. :)

Tabatha Dimas

I have run into a similar problem with setting the NEXT button to disabled at the start of the timeline. Then upon completion of an action trigger, the NEXT button is changed to normal and the user can advance to the next slide. I have found that if I return to the slide later in the course using the menu the state of the slide item still shows as visited but the NEXT button is once again hidden. I need it to be enabled when/if the slide is revisited. Do I need to create a variable to over-ride the timeline start? Any suggestions?