Resume Saved State of Slide Not Working


I have a menu with two buttons that learners must visit before proceeding. The the  "next" navigation control is set to "disabled" when the timeline starts. When the learner clicks one of two buttons, they go to its respective slide and then back to the menu. Once they've clicked on both buttons, I want the "next" button to set to "normal".

Although I have selected "resume saved state" when revisiting the menu slide, the next button doesn't change to normal. I've also tried creating a true/false variable with no luck. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Would appreciate any help. Adding my file.

Many thanks!

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Anh Lum,

there are two parts you must change in your project.

1. The state of the two buttons must be "visited" not "selected".

2. You have choosen the wrong trigger. Your trigger won't execute when returning to the menu page.... Your trigger must execute when timeline starts. You achieve this by using another trigger:

Change next button Status to "normal" when timeline starts + conditions: shape button1=visited AND shape button2=visited.

I have added a working sample.



Anh Lum


Wow! Thank you very much for the quick reply and fixing my menu! I tried so many different combinations of triggers and states (selected/visited) I think I got myself all turned around. Now, it looks so simple. And I appreciate the visual element in the visited state that you added. This is a great community!