Resume state does not work in HTML 5, works in Flash

Saved state is not working in HTML5 but does work in the Flash version.

In this Story:

On the 8th slide:

David: Family History Known?

If one selects one of the 'Click Here' boxes, a check mark is supposed to appear below it when returning to the slide (resume save state selected for this slide in .story). This should happen when pressing "prev" from the next slide and does so in the Flash version as seen in the attached video:

The URL for the Flash version is:

I have attached my .story file here:

Using Articulate Storyline 2 Update 9

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Richard Lorrain

Hi there,

Chiming in just to say we are experiencing the same behavior in HTML5 on mobile.

Lots of states are not respected based on completion (when state of), on a resumed saved states slide. 

Leslie, you talk about a list. Can you link the list? Is there a official thread for the resume save state not working properly on html5? 

The fact that this thread is almost a year old and no update have been posted is kinda worrying.

Btw : SL2 v11




Leslie McKerchie

Hello Rich - Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue as well.

Also, seems I've created some confusion. The workaround 'list' that I mentioned is internal conversation. I apologize for the confusion, but I do not have a thread to share with this information and as I mentioned that's the only workaround we are aware of. 

I realize that this thread is a bit dated, and we are now working to better prioritize issues based on user impact. This one is on our radar and this should help better explain how we handle bugs.

Richard Lorrain

Thanks Leslie for that fast response.

When you mean disabled, you mean in an object states?

I am locking our custom nav with hidden states. Once the learner have been completing the activities, nav unlock(change state). When we come back, nav state is actually reverting to its initial state, not the last one before leaving the slide. I remember having some kind of issue with the resume save state concerning some state object, some type of triggers related to the timeline and some layers. My assumption is when a learner leave the slide and comes back, the resume save state is not actually saving everything the learner, triggers and behavior that happen during the slide program and the intended interaction.

Anyway feel free to come back with some more info, workaround and tips. Tomorrow morning is gonna be a windy one in my office when I'll have to explain this to our learning specialist. 

Bare with me


Richard Lorrain

Good morning Leslie,

Going with variables solved the problems. Its been tested and it is reacting as intended on mobile HTML5. 

It does not solve some of the state issues concerning some objects, layers conditions or events on timelines but as far as conditional navigation is the goto, variables are the way to go.

Thanks again for that great support!


Richard Lorrain

Good day Brent,

The best way to overcome this issue is to go full variables. I haven't tried anything else since variables worked on the first try.

If you need some info go to for a introduction.

As far as navigation goes, set a variable true/false where the state (of your nav) will change upon slide completion. When the user comes back to this slide, set a trigger to check the variable on timeline start and if the variable is true(or false, whatever you set it) change states of your nav to normal. Done.