Resume to last visited page in a specific module (section).

Hi all, 

I have my main menu with 4 modules (sections) branching off it. As the modules are quite lengthy, students may take breaks when learning, and will probably not finish in one go. they might also start working on all modules intermittently. 

When I go back to my main page, I want them to be able to return to the last visited page of the module, instead of having to click through all the pages already visited. 

I found the "resume where you left off" option in the player, but I want this option for each module, not for the course in general.

any idea ?

thanks in advance ! 

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Judy Nollet

If a learner exits the course when they are part way through a section, the "resume where you left off" function will return them to the slide they were on in that section. In other words, relaunching the course won't take them to main menu page (well, unless that's where they were when they exited).

Given that, I'm confused by your concern. Do users have a way of returning to the main menu from every slide in a section?

If the course requires them to complete each section, when a learner started a given section, I wouldn't give them an option to return to the menu until they reach the end of that section (though they could still use the PREV button if they really wanted to).  Then, they could step through the entire section again, if desired. That could be done quite quickly as long you ensure the NEXT button stays enabled, which would be the case if you're using Restricted navigation.