Resume to saved state when revisiting and slide has a layer that shows when timeline starts

I am working on a e-learning that has a little introduction to the slide when the timeline starts explaining to learner what to do. The learner clicks next and the layer is hidden. This then shows the base layer that has a menu that takes the learner to different slides and back to this menu slide.

When the learner goes back to the menu slide it is not 'Resuming to saved state' when revisiting. The introduction layer will show again every time the learner returns to the slide (as it is set to when timeline starts).

Is there a way round this at all? please see attached :)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shireen!  Your file looked great - thanks for sharing.  While the states are being saved, the timeline starts over, causing any timeline triggers to fire again.  No big deal, though.  I added a variable to prevent the intro layer from showing once it already has.

On the intro layer, when the user clicked the button to hide the layer, I added a trigger to adjust a true/false variable.  On the base layer, I added a condition to the trigger to show the intro layer only if the variable is true.

Have a look at your attached modified file, and let me know if that works for you!