"Resume" to specific slide possible?

Hi, I'm looking to keep all the variables and bookmarking intact within storyline so i presume i need to keep the "Always Resume" option clicked on restart? ...but I want the 'resume' to always go to a specific or specified slide rather than where the user left off....possible?

Suppose you are going to tell me to write to the LMS field that stores the bookmark data?

Anyone know if the correct field = lmsAPI.GetBookmark and set = lmsAPI.SetBookmark

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately there isn't a way within Storyline to set it so that the user returns to a specific slide, as the resume function will go to the last slide visited. I did come across this thread, where Christine offers an example of how you could instruct the user that they need to return to a particular slide. Another example you may be able to work from is in this thread about returning to a specific layer within a slide, which would be a bit of work to set up across all your slides. 

Phil Mayor

Edited as incorrect information given.

You could in theory write to API.cmi.core.lesson_location


But you would need information from Articulate of what format they use to determine last location as 

The bookmark is simply a string that contains information about the location within the SCO. The format and meaning of the string is only known to the SCO. The LMS simply holds the bookmark information for your SCO and returns it when requested. 

If Articulate will not help then you may be able to figure this out by trial and error, but you are likely to have to edit the javascript published files to ensure this does not get overwritten when closing the module.