Resume Video Question

I have a slide that has  a trigger to pause the time line and a trigger to pause a video. I then have a trigger to open a layer that has some text on it.

When I try to add a trigger to go back to the first layer, there is no "Resume Video" option and therefore the video starts from the beginning. This is the last piece of my learning project. Any input would be hugely appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

The first layer of the slide is called the Base layer which is where your video is sitting, 

Your issue said 'I then have a trigger to open a layer that has some text on it'

There are no other layers attached to this slide.

this is what I would be expecting to see if you had another layer


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

That description doesn't match with the file you shared at the start of this forum discussion. That file looks as Wendy showed in her images above, where there was only the base layer and the video. The file also only had two slides, neither of which I remember looking like a table of contents, or having triggers to show the video slide. So at this time it seems that we're either looking at the wrong file or there is a miscommunication about the behavior you'd like to see. 

Maybe it would be easier if you could share some screenshots of what you're seeing, or if you have a screen recording tool to show us the behavior? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi John

email attachments don't display, so you'll need to come into the forum and post them using the 'add attachment' button.  Also just a note when you reply via email your entire signature details are displayed.  You can choose to edit and delete the details if you don't want them to show.

Wendy Farmer

Hi John

see if the attached is working how you want.

i removed a lot of the triggers on the butterfly/video and exposure layers and changed the 'when revisiting' option on the butterfly/video layer to resume saved state.

Hope this helps and I've understood what you were trying to do.

John Backewich

Wow. you are truly miracle workers. I am taking baby steps in my learning of this tool. These learning projects are for the benefit of young ladies (Under 12 years old) learning new skills. I enjoy and appreciate your ongoing feedback. Anything else you can advise me on would be so very welcome. God Bless you!

John B

Leslie McKerchie

Hey John - Just FYI that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature here in the forums. You are welcome to pop in and edit if needed. 

Now, back to your question - I'd love to assist, but I'm not sure what slide you are asking about in your file. I was looking for video on a base layer and did not see that, so figured I'd just ask :)

Leslie McKerchie

When you get this reply, click 'View' vs 'Reply'. You can scroll up and view your previous reply or just click here to jump to it. See how your e-mail signature line has been included with your response? That's all I mean. There is an Edit button below your post where you can remove that information if needed. No bother to us, I just like to be sure that users are aware just in case.