"Resume where you left off?" is not resuming where it should

Jun 14, 2018

Windows 7

64 bit OS


Hi Heroes!

I have a project that is not resuming where it should. Up until Slide 1.11, it works fine but once you pass Slide 1.11, it always resumes back to Slide 1.11 no matter where you close out of the course.

I test using SCORM Cloud.

Each slide's properties:

  • Slide advances = by user
  • When revisiting = resume saved state

Other in the Player:

  • On restart = Prompt to resume  /  Always resume (I have tested both, neither matters - behaves the same)

Menu Options: see attached for how the Menu is set up

Is there something else I'm missing or have I stumbled across buggy behavior? It really does work as expected up until Slide 1.11 and then no matter how far you get beyond 1.11, you always resume back to it.

This course will be delivered to students that will be completing the course as they can so the resume feature needs to work as designed but I just can't figure out why Slide 1.11 has become the default resume slide when its properties are the same as the other slides!

Any suggestions?

I'd love to share my STL360 project but not sure how since the screenshots are proprietary and can't be public...


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Katie Saunders

No dice...in fact, worse dice...with more weirdness.

Since SCORM Cloud broke my heart, I decided to test in my org's LMS (it's not good but it's what we've got)

I published in SCORM 2004 (attached screenshot of publish)

When I closed the browser window after slide 1.11, it launched from the beginning of the course, which is worse.

AND then it changed the LMS status to Course Failed after I closed and restarted twice. So that's a whole other surprise. The tracking is set to Quiz results and those slides are in their own scenes. I have not even gotten to that part of the course because I'm still trying to solve the resume issue.

So changing from SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004 did not fix the Resume issue and now I have discovered the LMS reporting a Failed status just for leaving and returning to the course.

Worst case I'll split these into individual courses but our Org is trying to move towards consolidating interactive training material and proficiency questions into a single course.

Anything else? I'll take whatever ideas you got! I'm stumped.


Katie Saunders

Thanks for the posts/article links. I read Gerry Wasiluk's post and the article about Exceeding SCORM Suspend Data Limits.

I'd be willing to bet I exceeded the SCORM 1.2 4096 character limit.

(fun fact, Gerry's article and subsequent comments/replies hit about 4,864 characters so the post about the character limit would probably break STL's suspend data character limit...sorry, I'm slap happy)

I had to keep on trucking and get the course done so I just broke the course into 2 different courses and the Resume function works throughout.

We have 2 courses instead of 1 but I can live with that.

Anyway, thanks for the info! 

While I did not find my happy ending, at least it got me un-stumped!



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