Resumed Saved State + Video

Hi All-

We've run into a dilemma with our course. Right now, we have video on every slide (the image on the left side of the screen). The problem we are facing is with the "Resumed Saved State" setting. For example, the picture attached shows a list of bullet points. The learner must click each bullet point and then they will return to this slide until all the bullet points are clicked, after which they are able to progress to the next slide. What's currently happening is that every time the learner returns to this slide to click on the next bullet point, the video will repeat the last second or two of audio.

I told Articulate Storyline support about this and they said they were aware that video does this on the "Resumed Saved State" setting and it's something they need to work out. So right now (unless anyone has some better ideas - I hope!!) my only two options are to:

(a) stop the video all together after it's been viewed once. This however would not allow learners to rewatch the video if they want to revisit the slide at a later date.

(b) put the video on another slide layer that is "reset to initial state." This would allow learners to rewatch the video, HOWEVER, they are not able to use the play/pause button on the player. We really don't want to add individual video controls.

I'm hoping some Articulate gurus have other ideas!! Thanks! 

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