Resuming in Flash Object

Mar 25, 2013

Couple issues here regarding a Flash object inserted into a one slide SL project.  

  • Whenever I exit the module midway through the Flash playback and restart the course, it does not pick up where it left off.  Instead it starts the Flash sequence from the beginning each time.  Any way to fix?  
  • The LMS is reporting passed as soon as the slide is viewed, when I want it to say incomplete on exit until the end of the flash sequence is completed.
  • I keep getting "passed" reported to the LMS, when I selected Incomplete/Complete on the Publish options.  Not as big a deal as the first two items, but I'd like it to report as I indicated.

Can anyone help?  I can upload the project for assistance.



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Hector Martinez

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Hector

I would expect the Flash file to restart not resume, if it is an FLV then you maybe able to insert as a video instead.

In Storyline slides are marked as viewed once touched not when complete perhaps add another slide that is automatically transitioned to and mark completion on two slides not one

I think I like this idea as well.  Let me implement this first and see if it works.

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