Retaining a variable’s value between sessions.

Hello all!

I have created a True/False variable. I have set its initial value to “False”. When a user clicks on a button, the variable’s value changes to “True”.

Here is my problem: When a user exits my course, and later on decides to log back into the course, the variable’s value resets to “False”.

Does anyone know how to ensure that the value of the variable is retained BETWEEN sessions?

I.e.: how can I ensure that once the variable has changed from ‘False’ to ‘True’, it remains ‘True’ all the time (even between different sessions).  


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Nicole Legault

Hi Alex!

The variable should be retaining it's value across sessions if the user is re-accessing the course from the same computer and cookies are turned on. If the computer is in an office it's possible that the cookies are automatically re-set nightly and perhaps this is why the variable isn't retaining it's value.

Does the course bookmark prompt appear when you re-launch the course? (The prompt that asks you if you'd like to Resume where you left off).