Retaining other data than just point of exit in Storyline

My clients need a few slides (with questions on them) to show only the First time that the Users see a presentation. The next times, they want those slides to not show. Users should directly see the next subsequent slide when they click 'Next'

Is there any way to save variable states so that they would apply every time? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jay,

The variables should be kept as a part of your Resume data, so there are a few different ways you could set this up, and the important part is that your slides are also set to Resume saved state: 

This example offers a Screenr by Becky on how to skip the content slides on a quiz review, but you could use a similar set up to skip the quiz slides based on tracking the variables. 

This forum thread offers a lot of discussion about jumping to blank slides, disabling the next button, and other options. 

Since you mentioned states as well, I wanted to point you to this blog post with a great example on how to ensure they're saved on a revisit, with a very clever "save" button.