Retake course after two test failures

Hello! I am building a test that requires 80% as a passing score. I want to let learners fail the test once, then when they fail see a "Retake Test" button.

After the second fail, I want to show a "Retake Course" button that takes them back to the beginning of the course to retake the whole course and retry the test.

Of course, I need each retry to reset the score to zero. My client wants to allow an infinite number of tries at the course (to avoid union issues), so no need to set a maximum number of attempts.

How can I go about setting this up?

Many thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Ha ha, yes exactly what I thought.

 -but if I do the test, fail, test, course, when I get to the test after second course run through do I get to repeat the test continually then or still same go back and do the course - it seems very unproductive.  Shouldn't they be flagging the people and maybe getting someone involved to speak with them.



Melanie Sobie

I recently had to set up a course to do exactly this. I’ll dig around and look for it on Monday and give you some details. From what  I can remember, it involved creating a variable to track the number of times the user clicked the Retry Quiz button. After the variable was greater than the number of retries allowed, I set the state of the Retry Quiz button to disabled.  I then had another button for Retake Course appear, and used the restart course trigger, which cleared out the score completely and returned them to the beginning of the course. 

Melanie Sobie

Hi Rick,

My course started with the same setup as in Wendy's sample course, using a main variable to track the number of quiz retry attempts. Except that I had the retake course button appear on the same layer as the standard failure layer. I had to add additional triggers to change the retry quiz button to inactive, and a trigger to show the retake course button only after the variable tracking the quiz retry attempts was greater than the number of attempts allowed. Wendy's example uses less triggers and does the same thing. 

Tina Chu

Hi Melanie and Wendy,

I'm a little stuck on a related issue and wondered either of you could offer some advice. I have a quiz that allows 2 additional attempts after an initial fail, after which the learner is asked to retake the course from the start.

Right now, everything seems to work until the learner retakes the course and gets to the quiz portion. At this point, the quiz questions have reset, but the learner is not able to select new responses. Would someone happen to know what's going on? 

FYI all slides are set to advance by the user, and all sides reset to initial state for the entire module. I've attached a screen shot of the trigger if that helps lend some context.