Retake quiz even though quiz questions are disbursed throughout the course


I have created a course that includes quiz questions at the end of each content section. The scoring is cumulative and if the student passes, all is well, but how do I allow the student to retake the all quiz questions without requiring them to dig around through the content to find them all?   (Storyline 3 if that matters)



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Jerry Beaucaire

Just a guess, but I'd think you could handle this with a True/False variable called something like "CourseDone".

Initially this is set to False by default.  On each slide that is a quiz question, you have a "jump to next slide" trigger, yes?  Change this trigger so that is says "Jump to Next Slide on the Condition CourseDone=False"

Then add a second trigger AFTER that one that says "Jump to Slide (next quiz question) on the condition CourseDone=True"

So the one button with two triggers will take you to two different destinations based on the status of that new variable.

Give that a shot.

Daryl Meissner

Thank you.  Tell me would this work?  I create a new scene and copy all the quiz questions into it, with a new results slide. Then if they fail the first attempt, they can "retake" the quiz by clicking a button on the "Did not pass" results layer that would take them to the series of quiz questions.

Jerry Beaucaire

No, creating a few triggers to control the action slide by slide is Storyline 101, I couldn't in good conscious recommend your suggestion, which employs a lot more plumbing.

Don't let the unfamiliarity with the process deter you.  Give it a try.   You can do this.  ;)

  1. Go to the TRIGGERS window and click the icon on the right "Manage Project Variables"
  2. Click the + icon to add a new variable, select TRUE/FALSE and give it the name "CourseDone"
  3. Now exit the TRIGGERS window and go to the Results slide.
  4. Add a new slide event trigger change our variable to TRUE when the slide starts

  5. Now, go to the first question slide and find the trigger that moves you to the next slide.  It might be on a CONTINUE button in a feedback layer, or it might just be on the triggers in your base layer trigger panel.  Find it and open it. 
  6. Click on the SHOW CONDITIONS button (you can see it in the picture above in step 4)

  7. Now we are going to add an additional condition to only go to the "Next slide" if the CourseDone is still False:

  8. Now duplicate that entire trigger (just click on it, copy and paste to make a quick copy)
  9. Now edit the new copy so that it will take you directly to the 2nd quiz slide if the CourseDone variable happens to be TRUE.
  10. Now that question is done, repeat those last couple of steps on the remaining quiz slides.

This is a lot less work than creating and maintaining multiple scenes and trying to force your quiz results into doing something odd based on a second time through... I promise.

You can do it!

Daryl Meissner

Thank you so much!

I have completed the steps you outlined. One thing I realized is I do not need to add / edit triggers on EVERY quiz question slide. I only needed to add / edit triggers on the last one in each series of questions. There are four sets of questions. So I needed to edit four slides to branch based on the status of the CourseDone variable. 

Attached is a screenshot of the Story View after adding the variables which shows the branching.

You can see Quiz 2.5 branches to go to content on left or to Quiz 3.1 on the right. And Quiz 3.3 branches to go to content on left (center column) or to Quiz 4.1 on the right.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I LOVE this community so much!.