Retake Quiz in Storyline


Forgive me if it's already been asked and answered (multiple times).  I created a quiz.  If the user fails, I set buttons and triggers so they can retake the quiz or review the content first.  If they simply retake, everything works fine.  If they review materials (different scene) then retake quiz, the questions are not reset. Process looks like this...

  • Content
  • Content Review
  • Quiz
  • Results

How do I fix this?


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Jan Lua

Hi Derrick,

I encountered this issue as well on a project I am working on that involves a reset button for a specific set of slides to function. Is the option for "When revisiting" on the slide under slide properties already set to "Reset to initial state"? If so, it may be caused by the trigger hiding the layer instead of jumping to the layer which did not execute the reset to initial state for me.

Also, if your triggers are conditioned on variables, try setting the variables manually on the base layer to original value (0 for my case) and see if that helps.

If you can link the quiz, I can take a look at it for you as well and should help the support staff pin-point the issue better once they get to this thread.

Let me know how it goes.

Wendy Farmer

You may need to have the reset results on Button 2 as well ie. reset the results prior to them going to review the material...try that and if that doesn't work...upload the .story file so we can check out under the hood - the published review file doesn't let us get into how the file is setup.