Retake Quiz Issue

Hi.  I have a course that uses this feature on the results slide. The course has 11 questions that are spread throughout the course and initially, I also had the Quiz Review feature running as well. I used variables linked to custom NEXT buttons to string the questions together so that participants could review the questions sequentially, without being sidetracked with odd content slides. All quiz slides are set to "Reset to initial state" on revisits. I also have a button on the results slide with a Javascript trigger that reports completion and results to our SharePoint server. This button is set to Hide state IF the users score is less than the passing score. Long story short, Retake Quiz works the very first time through. The Report Completion button remains hidden on failure first time. Problems arise from the following states:

A) Participant fails the retest. If this happens, the Report Completion button becomes visible, even though the users score is less than the passing score. Also, the users score reports inaccurately on the results slide.

B) Participant fails the retest, then retakes the test again, and this time passes it (third time through). User score again is again displayed inaccurately. The Report Completion button remains hidden, even though the user passed the test and the logic should have been met.

This has created a significant problem for us because retesting does not properly work. I have spent a lot of time combing through each slide of the course, the variables, triggers, and etc. and do not see any improper usage. I am using a couple custom variables to handle closed captioning, but those should not affect the retest function. The course is proprietary and contains secure data so I can not release it for exploration, however, this issue I believe should be quite easy to reproduce with a dummy course, say 6 or 7 slides, using Retake Quiz with the completion button and/or print function enabled. Retake the test several times and try fail/fail/pass combinations.

Appreciate any help on this issue.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Reading through what you have set up, it sounds like there are a few different things happening in terms of the button being visible on the second fail, but not on the third attempt when passed (when it should show) and in regards to the score being reported incorrectly. I know you mentioned not being able to share here in the forums, but if it's something you could share privately our team is happy to take a look and it'll be kept confidential. I did a quick test as you suggested, and my score updated each time, and didn't seem to be having any hiccups. This would lead me to believe there is something in your custom settings (either the button, variable, states, etc.) that is causing the problem.