RETAKE QUIZ not Allowing Entry

Hi All!

I have a typical re-take Quiz Button on the last result slide of three (each are at the end of a "section", then the last result slide adds all three).

When the re-try goes back to the correct slide, any entry clicks are NOT allowed.

I cannot "Re-Try" the Quiz.

I'm sure this is something simple I am missing. Any SL2 Help for a brother please?

Thanks! Ed

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ed

I must be missing something or I'm misunderstanding what you want- on the first result slide there is no RETAKE QUIZ button only a Review which allows them to see what they got.  If you want a RETAKE quiz - you would need to set up the reset results trigger on the button that takes them back to the quiz question to retry it.

Wendy Farmer

Result slide :

  • 1.14 - review button no retake
  • 2.9 - review button no retake
  • 3.6 - review button and retry on the fail layer which has an unassigned trigger
  • No aggregate result slide for the three slides. 

So what you are trying to do is allow the user to retake the quiz but only after completing all three quizzes?