Retaking Course options

I am working in Storyline 360 v 3.23.

My clients post to their own LMS server. User activity is tracked via their email adddresses. I think this only reports the passed/failed options I select when publishing to LMS.

They want to have their users have the following abilities:
Log back in to finish a portion of a course if they've been interrupted.
Log back to review the course entirely, skipping all quizzes.

Are any settings in Storyline I can set to make these options available to the users? Or are these options defined at the LMS server level?

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Charles Radanovich

if I'm understanding correctly, for passed/incomplete, I should set to resume to saved state, but if users simply want to review the entire course without taking any quiz, assuming they've passed the course, the LMS should serve up a new instance built without any quiz screens. Is that right?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Charles,

First, let's tackle resume behavior. I would use the Always Resume setting. This option forces the course to open where learners previously left off. If they have completed the entire course, they'll resume to the last slide in the course.

On the last slide, I would add a "Review Course" button. Trigger this button to jump to the first slide in the course.

Storyline will not automatically skip quiz slides when the learner is reviewing the course. Instead, the learner will see their quiz answers, and they won't be able to change them. 

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Alyssa, I'll take these notes and try to get my client to understand. The way they use the quiz screens, you can't continue until after submitting an answer, so I'll do a test to see how you can go through the quiz slides without actually re-taking. 

I was hoping for an LMS solution, but client will need to do some research on this as well. If they serve up a 'new instance' based on the prior viewing of the course, I could build a version without quizzes, but this gets problematic since different regions are translating the modules before they're posted to the LMS.