Retaking only the questions user missed on Storyline Quiz

I am creating several quizzes in Storyline.

The quiz functions as I want it to, where the user can retry just the questions they missed after failing.

The issue is that the quiz then gets re-resulted and it only calculates a score from the questions they retry. How can I get my quiz to calculate all the quetions answered?

 Thank you so much!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elise, 

Without taking a look at your file and triggers I'd imagine that the slides are being reset to initial state to allow for the retake and the user is bypassing the other slides that they don't need to retake and therefore counting as "incorrect" if no answer is chosen? This thread is a bit longer/older but there are a few different examples of how you could set this up and maybe one of those will match your needs. 

Best of luck with your project. 

Elise Snyder

Thank you so much for your quick response. Yes the answers are resetting to initial state. I shall take a peek at the link you sent once I get back to work in the am. If I cannot figure out from that, maybe I can send you the file privately. I'll keep you posted (: Thank you!