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Mike Bradfield

Hi Bobby

To avoid precisely this situation, I always advise my business users to separate out their training and formal assessments into separate stories. It's got the added advantage of being able to track "incomplete/complete" on the training and allowing your users to resume, while tracking pass/fail on the assessments with a forced restart. Our LMS allows prerequisites, so students can't start the assessment until they've finished their training.

Having said that, something along these lines should work:

  • Track the course using the results slide
  • Do not allow course resumption - always start on slide 1
  • Slide 1 runs javascript to check for a cookie e.g. training_complete and sets a variable accordingly.
  • When clicking Next on S1, branch either to S2 if variable is false, first slide of assessment otherwise.

See http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_cookies.asp for some robust code for getting/setting cookies