Retina Display is Why I Wanted a Mac in the First Place

Mar 10, 2018

Please share your experience.

I've been using Snipping Tool on my Windows laptop for my screen shots; they become fuzzy if I enlarge them.  The best alternative I could find online is to use a MacBook with retina display. I tested it out by creating a quick SL2 project comparing the screen shots side by side (using my work laptop and my personal MacBook for screen shots). The results: nearly identical as-is, but when blown up, the retina display was the "clear" winner.

So, at work I'm switching to a MacBook. Windows and Parallel, the whole package. It should be ready this week.

And I am reading suggestions to turn off the retina display when using Storyline. Gah!!

I'm interested in how others have handled this. Please share!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bridget,

You may want to look at the best practices outlined here.

Personally, I use a MacBook Pro, with VMWare, and although I'm not taking a lot of screenshots, I find that my display looks great. 

Also, as Phil mentioned Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 work better with high-resolution monitors, and if you'd like you can start a trial of Articulate 360 here, or get started with Storyline 3 here.

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